Monday, March 8, 2010


Here's a video of one of our favourite dogs Tyr who is looking for a home. This over sized lap dog has been through hell and back. Picked up as a stray by the shelter, it was apparent that he was the victim of illegal dog fighting (why do they call it illegal? Of course it's illegal !!) His face, head and chest were chewed up like hamburger meat. So it's no wonder that he's dog aggressive. But HE LOVES PEOPLE! Non stop licking, kissing and slobbering

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  1. I came across this site a few years ago, and I have been a loyal follower. I think that what VRC does is absolutely amazing, what they have done for these dogs! I had a pit that unfortunatly lost his life to cancer, and it was something that I had a very hard time getting over. These dogs are filled with so much love and are the best companions that one can have, I hope that alot of these wonderful pups will find permanenet loving homes