Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well actually its doggie dirty laundry. Because we give our dogs daily housekeeping, the dirty blankets from their dog houses have piled up due to all this horrible rain. With only one working washing machine, its more than we can keep up with. If anyone out there wants to stop by and pick up a bag or two and wash it for the pooches, we'd so appreciate it. Yeah I know, its not as exciting as what could be "Tia's dirty laundry" but we'll save that for another time :)


This week Vamp and Ruby went to their new homes. Poor Vamp has been adopted out before so for him this was something special. Ruby has had a horrible life so now she is on the road to recovery. Both are now out of our kennels and now schnoozing away on a warm bed in a warm house. Our job is done and we are happy.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I've been running Villalobos Rescue Center for around 17 years. I've obviously seen so many dogs that they tend to become one big blur. But Darla, oh man, did she ever make an imprint on me from the day she landed here. As a pup, Darla had always been a little "different" She definitely walked to the beat of her own drummer. Despite this, we did try to adopt her out a couple of times only to be returned for her "oddness". So this crazy little girl became a part of our family and actually became a household member, sleeping next to me each and every night for over 10 years. Each morning, her sunrise ritual was to completely shread her blanket until it was sawdust. By the time the afternoon came, she loved nothing more than to play with her frisbee. We called her "hardcore" because nothing phased her. She would march right out into the rain and run around like it was any other day. I loved reciting that adorable scene from the Lil Rascals when Alfalfa spoke his mind to Darla......"Dear Darla, I hate your stinking guts. You are the scum between my toes....Love Alfalfa..." I started each morning with this silly little speech and she loved it. I loved it. My day started with crazy Darla. She's only been gone a matter of hours and I miss her so much already. Maybe tonight I'll go and toss a frisbee in her honor. Love you crazy girl.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Sarah, Peanut and Zoey sent us a Merry Pitmas greeting and all I can say is guys....if this gal is single, you're all blind. This is one GORGEOUS family!


Jane from New Jersey sent us a big hug from Camelot, a dog that she helped find a home at the animal shelter. Obviously there are MUCH better things coming out of Jersey other than Snooki..hehehehe

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NOELLE - Our Spicy Southern New Arrival

Noelle is the first rescue to have been saved thru our new program: LA. to L.A. Pit Bull Project which was made possible by a grant received thru the Pearl Family Foundation out of Louisiana.

As you can see this gal has got alot to say. She is so happy to be out of the shelter and now a California Girl (Now thinking about it, maybe she's singing that Katy Perry song). As we get to know her better, keep on watch on our Dogs for Adoption link on our website. This is one hot Mama!


It was a busy morning. We had (4) dogs come in (no more for awhile or at least until after we move) Cooper, a sweet and shy big boy, came all the way here from San Antonio, Texas. As we get to know him, stay tuned for his full profile on our Dogs for Adoption page.


When it comes to handling this breed as I have for 17 years, I've seen it all. First and foremost we don't use any negative training devices or methods. A true trainer uses the best tool of all: his/her mind. But in order to do that, a good and effective trainer must have the proper equipment to make the dog successful, safe and happy. This past year I was introduced to Ray Allen's equipment, specifically the Ram-Tech leashes/leads. The feel of real leather and the clasps are hardcore strong yet not so bulky that they get in the way or are too heavy for the dog. I absolutely love them. They are a MUST for all Pit Bull and Bully owners!

Monday, December 13, 2010


A big thanks to the Chavez Family (sorry Benny for cutting off your head) and the rest of the American Bully gang for their donations and a truck load of goodies. Thanks to all of you, our dogs will have a Merry Pitmas!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


So I'm standing in line yesterday at my bank, admiring the cool mural on the wall. True to Wells Fargo history, it is the famous stagecoach with an array of other vintage type photos. Then my eyes catch the image of a cute little dog on top of what looks like an old safe. Am I imagining things? Is this really what I think it is? A Pit Bull being admired thru the pages of history? Yes folks, even corporate American can't deny our breed's history!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


So the search continues for Creature as he still awaits that home of his own. The legend of the Gargoyle is one of devotion and protection. Though at a glance they appear to be almost demonic, they are actually protectors from Evil. They give a feeling of security and safety and this is all Creature be secure and safe in someone's home. And because so many of our stories overlap, another "tough guy on the outside" too remains a "bachelor". To answer one of the most common asked questions....yes ladies.....Jake is single and up for adoption. But if you don't act quickly, the spicey gals of Baton Rouge, Louisiana might be armed with those roses before the competition even starts. But all kidding aside, though both of our bachelors are available, they both share a few similarities.....they are kind, have a great sense of humor.....AND MAKE GREAT ARM CANDY!


Since the filming of Billy's episode, things have changed for the best. Besides turning over a new leaf or should I say "leash".....Billy has taken the "bully" by the horns (geez I'm full of corny cliches' tonight) and not only has he taken on more pride in his work, he has become the property manager of our new location. On his own, Billy had taken the responsibility of learning our new green system for our new mountain location, introduced himself to all the neighbors and learned the area well but has become a happier person all around. His sense of humor has gotten him thru some bumps in the road and has also found him a new friend here at Villalobos: Naja one of the sweetest Pit Bulls we have here. And Billy is one of the most honest parolees I've ever hired and though he likes to play silly and dumb, he is actually soooooo smart. Some fun facts about Billy: he's a GREAT cook, he loves cats (he's gonna kill me for letting the cat out of the bag...oh brother there I go again), and his nicknames consist of Billy Willy Goat (given to him by the twins) and HillBilly (now that he's living on the mountain at the new place) And yes, I've given Billy a couple more chances past that "second chance" but it was well worth it. To us, he is our Prince William.


As most of you know, we are big advocates to inmate rehabilitation and giving a second chance to those that have made mistakes. So how endearing is it when the "gift" is returned. The inmates of the prison dog program in the Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan program made us this sweater for one of our dogs. They crochet/knit these doggie sweaters and sell them to help support their cell dog program. We were honored with one (Dutch is proudly modeling) and we can't thank them enough for trying to turn their lives around. If you have a chance, read more about their program at:

The LA. to L.A. Pit Bull Project begins

This past year, I visited Louisiana for the first time. I walked the streets of New Orleans and the Lower 9th Ward and witnessed for myself the devastation left behind by Katrina. It had been 5 years and still, the people and their pets were suffering. Pit Bulls are the most abundant and neglected breed of dog in the area. With little to no resources for these dogs, we vowed to step in and help. Thanks to a grant given by the Pearl Family Foundation, we can finally begin our project. Today Jake and Mando and a group of spicey Southern gals, rescued "Noelle" from a shelter in Baton Rouge. As I type this she is now resting quietly in her own hotel room (well she has to share it with Jake and Mando), awaiting her journey back to Villalobos where she will await for a new family to adopt her. Anyone out there looking for their own Southern Belle?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The journey has begun. Today Jake and Mando left on the long drive to Texas to pick up these poor dogs. A few weeks ago I received an email from a nice woman who had been feeding a couple of shy stray dogs for a long long time. Then one day they showed up with hundreds of quills from a porcupine, pertruding from their heads, mouth, neck, etc. She called everyone she could think of but no one would help. Because the dogs were so shy no one could get near them. She watched in horror as days passed by and the dogs' injuries became more infected. Villalobos stepped up to the plate to take them in but because of the distance there was no way for us to get out there in time to trap these dogs. That's when the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center became our heroes. Because of their experience with handling wild and exotic animals, capturing a couple of Pit mixes was a piece of cake. Not only did they catch them within one day, but they then rushed them to their on site vet who spents hours and actually days, removing the porcupine's "daggers". Now on the road to recovery, we are in the road to rescue them and bring them back here. We are asking that anyone who wants to help with these dogs to please make a donation to the Wildlife Rescue Center at: Without these people, these dogs would've died!


This Saturday, Dec. 11th, meet Tania and Mariah aka the sisters of Pit Bulls and Parolees at the "Bully Give Back Show" in San Bernardino, CA. The Bully community has been very supportive for Villalobos Rescue Center and has helped raised thousands of dollars to keep our doors open. This event specifically is one that donations are being gathered all in the spirit of "Pitmas"

Hope to see you all there!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Now.......RUNS WITH CHIHUAHUAS! Jake and Taco having a fun time at the River Walk Spay/Neuter event.

Friday, December 3, 2010


We had a great crowd and most hung around getting to know each other and exchanging Pit Bull stories.....all good ones of course. Add to that, everyone did the responsible thing by licensing their dog with the county. Not only is this the responsible thing to do and is also for the safety of your dog, but it gives the county much needed funding to be able to help more dogs. Nothing like a devoted and caring Pit Bull owner to make the day a great one!


What a great day we had today: 40 dogs total that took advantage of our program. Free spaying and neutering, vaccinations and microchipping. Then for a $15 cost for your county license, you then got all sorts of freebies from us. But the best part was meeting the people and dogs of Bakersfield. I am quickly falling in love with the Pit Bull and Bully owners of "Bako". Despite it being such a big city, everyone still has that small town attitude which I just adore.
Everyone was great and we can't wait to go back in January. Anyone interested in getting involved with the Kern County Pit Bull Project, email us at: or call: 661-238-3030. Again, you guys are absolutely the best!!


Well I'm on my way up to the big town of Bakersfield for yet another successful free spay/neuter event. We are so excited and feel so honored that the Heigl Foundation gave us a $50,000 grant to give out this fantastic service to the desperate Pit Bull owners of Kern County. Kern County is the 3rd largest county in the state of California and they have such a hard time out there with little to no resources for their dogs. Being that Pit Bulls make up the majority of the stray dog population, times are pretty damn rough for our breed out there. Our first event on Nov. 20th, got 37 Pit Bulls spayed and neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and licensed. Today we hope to break that record or at least come close. Anyone who wants to stop by and say "hi", we will be at River Walk Park on Stockdale Hwy, Bakersfield.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


One of the hardest things to deal with are the dogs that come here and never get adopted before their time comes to an end on this Earth. Petra was one of those dogs. And though her last few days were spent with our gals Rita and Heidi, its just not enough. But its the best we can do for them in their final hours. Petra, your happy go lucky smile will be so missed.


at our new place on the mountain. We got an early snow up at our new place and one of the twins, "Moe" and Monster enjoyed the day.


One of our dream projects is finally under way. Thanks to a grant gifted to us, we are able to start our LA. to L.A. Pit Bull Project. The funding given will allow us to drive into various parts of Louisiana on a case by case basis and bring back a Pit Bull in need, back here to Villalobos. With the state of Louisiana literally without any Pit Bull rescue facilities, we offered our assistance after a visit earlier this year to New Orleans and the Katrina area. Next week we will be bringing back "Noel", a little black and white female who ended up at a very high kill shelter in Baton Rouge. Thanks to the kindness of the Pearl Family Foundation, we will be able to help the Pit Bulls of the South.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Taco Bell bobbleheads step aside...we got the real deal!! Yes we're known for being the largest Pit Bull rescue in the world but not for nothing' we just love all dogs. So yesterday during a bad rain storm in Bakersfield, this little guy kept coming by to visit us at our first Pit Bull spay/neuter event at the Martin Luther King park. And despite this being a REALLY bad neighborhood with tons of stray dogs and gang members running amuck, this street savvy little ghetto dog has managed to stay alive running the neighborhood. So after alot of persistance, he managed to win us over....okay win ME over and he has now taken up residence in my Suburban and claiming it as a "Chihuahua Condo". I mean let's face it, last night he was freezing his ass off in a crappy neighborhood, fighting for his life and looking for food. By day he now sleeps on my dashboard, soaking up the sun and by night he's curled up in his new bed and cruising around and doing errands, riding shotgun in "the Burb". "Taco" is now living the life and looking back at his old neighborhood and jerk off owners with a "Yo quiero this assholes!" :)


Oh're thinking what the hell can Barbie save? I'm not talking about that plastic, big boobed, bleached blonde doll from Toys R Us! I'm talking the sweetest and kindest dog on the planet. Her name is Barbie and she was adopted recently by Kendra. Today Barbie and her new family came by with a car load of blankets to keep our remaining dogs here at VRC warm and cozy. And of course she couldn't help but show off her new pink rhinestone bling hanging from her collar. Tonight our dogs are so thankful to Barbie and Ken....dra :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I feel like a worried Mother. Egypt has been here since she was 12 weeks old and is now an adult dog, unwanted, unadopted. Every day we hope that someone will see what we see in her. Though sensitive, she is sweet and gentle and gets along with a house full of cats. So as if not having a home of her own wasn't enough, she now has hip dysplasia. Though not common in this breed, she is a Pit mix which is probably why she ended up with this horrible condition. Today she went in for her surgery and though we know she's in good hands with our long time vet, we are still sad for her. She won't be home until tomorrow but for tonight will be probably wondering what's going on. But we do have all of our Facebook fans to thank for raising the funds to get this very expensive surgery done. Egypt is such a big part of our family. Now hopefully she'll become a part of someone else's and get a home of her very own.

Friday, November 5, 2010


So the move to Tehachapi is coming along. The beautiful forest and weather up there is something out of a dream. I never could've imagined that we would be so lucky as to find a place like this. It is truly a miracle that the dogs will now officially live in "paradise". But of course we also want to give our volunteers a beautiful place to hang out. So this is the area from our new place that we have picked to create the new volunteer area. When complete not only will the canopy of the 200 year old oak trees and tall pine surround everyone, but we will also have indoor seating complete with pot belly stoves keeping everyone toasty roasty in the winter months. Though this project will take a few months to complete, the new volunteer area will be one of the first that we construct. Our dogs can't live without our WONDERFUL and DEDICATED volunteers! So stay tuned here for all the updates on the big move to "T-town"!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Getting emails like this one makes our day :)

Todd’s birthday is on September 4th, however we celebrated on the 11th. We asked everyone in advance to bring anything they were able to, knowing that times are a little tough, to donate to your program.

Todd was so happy that we had so many guests that were willing to donate to your program. All of the children got “Doggie” bags, which included your brochure, as well as doggie themed party favors such as noses and ears, puppy tattoos, bone shaped candies, and more. We also played party games to help teach the kids how to respectfully approach a new dog, as well as a game of “trainer says” (a sort of spin off of Simon says).

We love Pit Bulls, and believe that every dog, no matter what breed, should be loved and respected. Thank you for all that you do.

Todd with his best friend Moose- the inspiration for this party.

Before we donated the dishes, we challenged the kids to eat the birthday cake- PUPPY STYLE- no hands! This was probably the highlight of the party!!

Puppy Candles!

The cake

(from left) Ethan, Todd (birthday boy), Emily, Mackenzie, AJ, Lily, Collin, and Nathan with dog noses & ears- there are some in the box for you and your staff J

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We are now beginning to lay out where the new kennels will be built in our "magical forest". This is a big experience for us being that we have never lived anywhere else but we are taking all that we have learned at our current location and putting it to good use at our new ranch. Right now we are just "mapping out" where the kennels are going but mid-late September we will finally be ready for volunteers to help. So many of you have been emailing asking to help so be careful what you wish for! This is going to be alot of work but we will enjoy every second of it. Here Billy "stakes our claim!"

Saturday, August 28, 2010


For the past couple of days, I kept getting messages from various "animal loving" neighbors saying that they had being seeing two stray dogs on our lonely dirt road. So of course my first question was always the same to each neighbor..."why the hell are you calling me? You claim to be a dog lover, why didn't you take them into your home? Geezus, its been 110 degrees here. You couldn't give them water??!!" I was furious. So today our volunteer dog walkers spotted the dogs down the road and we went and picked them up. Well furious didn't describe what we saw. One of the dogs, an old female Pit Bull, had been attacked by a coyote, her face swollen, puncture wounds under her neck and ear. I just shook my head. I live in a town that claims to be "upper class, educated, country living, animal friendly" What a joke. My entire neighborhood turned their backs on these dogs, chased them out of their yards and left them to die. My neighbors consist of: a former LAPD officer, a horse trainer and a dog groomer. Unreal, eh? So they are safe now and resting comfortably and will be added to our pack of beasts looking for someone who will love them as much as we do already.


She came to us August 2001. She was one of my first abuse cases. I noticed her when I was doing a routine walk thru the South Los Angeles animal shelter. She was a skeleton draped in black skin laying on the concrete floor, barely able to lift her head up, not able to walk. She had been brought in that day, confiscated from someone's yard, starved almost to the point of death. I knew she didn't stand a chance at the shelter so I decided to take her. We had to carry her to the car because she was literally too weak to stand. On the way home, we shared a burger at Burger King and made the trek up to the rescue. She was very un-trusting at first but it didn't take long for her to realize that I was here to help....especially after seeing that she was now sleeping in my bedroom. Her crate became her safe haven and she reluctantly came out to stretch her legs and do her business. It took years for her to trust anyone besides me. She finally discovered that being a part of our volunteer program meant going out for walks and laying in the sunshine. This is where she met Connie. Connie would sit with Shavar for hours just to let her relax and get belly rubs. This is what Shavar lived for. She now began to enjoy life. But all good things must come to an end. And this past week, I noticed that Shavar was having a hard time walking and when we rushed her to the vet, he said that she was having neurological problems due to tumors on her spine, probably cancer. And because she was now very old, any type of surgery or even trying to fight the cancer would be too hard on her. So we made the very difficult decision to let her go. Jessica was there by her side making the journey to the life beyond, just a little easier. But the pain still lingers with us all. Another great friend is gone.