Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We are now beginning to lay out where the new kennels will be built in our "magical forest". This is a big experience for us being that we have never lived anywhere else but we are taking all that we have learned at our current location and putting it to good use at our new ranch. Right now we are just "mapping out" where the kennels are going but mid-late September we will finally be ready for volunteers to help. So many of you have been emailing asking to help so be careful what you wish for! This is going to be alot of work but we will enjoy every second of it. Here Billy "stakes our claim!"

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  1. Still waiting to hear if it's anywhere near Tehachapi (which is where I live) so I can finally pitch in!! If you are anywhere close, I would be happy to help you guys with the move/setting up/etc. :)