Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We are now beginning to lay out where the new kennels will be built in our "magical forest". This is a big experience for us being that we have never lived anywhere else but we are taking all that we have learned at our current location and putting it to good use at our new ranch. Right now we are just "mapping out" where the kennels are going but mid-late September we will finally be ready for volunteers to help. So many of you have been emailing asking to help so be careful what you wish for! This is going to be alot of work but we will enjoy every second of it. Here Billy "stakes our claim!"

Saturday, August 28, 2010


For the past couple of days, I kept getting messages from various "animal loving" neighbors saying that they had being seeing two stray dogs on our lonely dirt road. So of course my first question was always the same to each neighbor..."why the hell are you calling me? You claim to be a dog lover, why didn't you take them into your home? Geezus, its been 110 degrees here. You couldn't give them water??!!" I was furious. So today our volunteer dog walkers spotted the dogs down the road and we went and picked them up. Well furious didn't describe what we saw. One of the dogs, an old female Pit Bull, had been attacked by a coyote, her face swollen, puncture wounds under her neck and ear. I just shook my head. I live in a town that claims to be "upper class, educated, country living, animal friendly" What a joke. My entire neighborhood turned their backs on these dogs, chased them out of their yards and left them to die. My neighbors consist of: a former LAPD officer, a horse trainer and a dog groomer. Unreal, eh? So they are safe now and resting comfortably and will be added to our pack of beasts looking for someone who will love them as much as we do already.


She came to us August 2001. She was one of my first abuse cases. I noticed her when I was doing a routine walk thru the South Los Angeles animal shelter. She was a skeleton draped in black skin laying on the concrete floor, barely able to lift her head up, not able to walk. She had been brought in that day, confiscated from someone's yard, starved almost to the point of death. I knew she didn't stand a chance at the shelter so I decided to take her. We had to carry her to the car because she was literally too weak to stand. On the way home, we shared a burger at Burger King and made the trek up to the rescue. She was very un-trusting at first but it didn't take long for her to realize that I was here to help....especially after seeing that she was now sleeping in my bedroom. Her crate became her safe haven and she reluctantly came out to stretch her legs and do her business. It took years for her to trust anyone besides me. She finally discovered that being a part of our volunteer program meant going out for walks and laying in the sunshine. This is where she met Connie. Connie would sit with Shavar for hours just to let her relax and get belly rubs. This is what Shavar lived for. She now began to enjoy life. But all good things must come to an end. And this past week, I noticed that Shavar was having a hard time walking and when we rushed her to the vet, he said that she was having neurological problems due to tumors on her spine, probably cancer. And because she was now very old, any type of surgery or even trying to fight the cancer would be too hard on her. So we made the very difficult decision to let her go. Jessica was there by her side making the journey to the life beyond, just a little easier. But the pain still lingers with us all. Another great friend is gone.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


VILLALOBOS IS MOVING!!! Yeah we're still in shock too but it was just an offer we couldn't refuse. We're leaving the desert and moving up to paradise. We've just started the moving process this week but we will keep you posted here on this blog with each moving detail. At this time we're going to keep the new location a "secret" because we want to save the surprise for the big Grand Opening! But it's not much further than where we are now. The new facility will have better weather for the dogs to live in, better weather for the volunteers to walk dogs, a beautiful setting within the forest and mountains, bigger facilities....shall I continue? We are so happy that words cannot begin to express how we truly feel. This is a dream come true. Stay tuned for updates as we take you through one of the biggest journeys Villalobos has ever gone on.