Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Getting emails like this one makes our day :)

Todd’s birthday is on September 4th, however we celebrated on the 11th. We asked everyone in advance to bring anything they were able to, knowing that times are a little tough, to donate to your program.

Todd was so happy that we had so many guests that were willing to donate to your program. All of the children got “Doggie” bags, which included your brochure, as well as doggie themed party favors such as noses and ears, puppy tattoos, bone shaped candies, and more. We also played party games to help teach the kids how to respectfully approach a new dog, as well as a game of “trainer says” (a sort of spin off of Simon says).

We love Pit Bulls, and believe that every dog, no matter what breed, should be loved and respected. Thank you for all that you do.

Todd with his best friend Moose- the inspiration for this party.

Before we donated the dishes, we challenged the kids to eat the birthday cake- PUPPY STYLE- no hands! This was probably the highlight of the party!!

Puppy Candles!

The cake

(from left) Ethan, Todd (birthday boy), Emily, Mackenzie, AJ, Lily, Collin, and Nathan with dog noses & ears- there are some in the box for you and your staff J