Sunday, November 21, 2010


Taco Bell bobbleheads step aside...we got the real deal!! Yes we're known for being the largest Pit Bull rescue in the world but not for nothing' we just love all dogs. So yesterday during a bad rain storm in Bakersfield, this little guy kept coming by to visit us at our first Pit Bull spay/neuter event at the Martin Luther King park. And despite this being a REALLY bad neighborhood with tons of stray dogs and gang members running amuck, this street savvy little ghetto dog has managed to stay alive running the neighborhood. So after alot of persistance, he managed to win us over....okay win ME over and he has now taken up residence in my Suburban and claiming it as a "Chihuahua Condo". I mean let's face it, last night he was freezing his ass off in a crappy neighborhood, fighting for his life and looking for food. By day he now sleeps on my dashboard, soaking up the sun and by night he's curled up in his new bed and cruising around and doing errands, riding shotgun in "the Burb". "Taco" is now living the life and looking back at his old neighborhood and jerk off owners with a "Yo quiero this assholes!" :)


Oh're thinking what the hell can Barbie save? I'm not talking about that plastic, big boobed, bleached blonde doll from Toys R Us! I'm talking the sweetest and kindest dog on the planet. Her name is Barbie and she was adopted recently by Kendra. Today Barbie and her new family came by with a car load of blankets to keep our remaining dogs here at VRC warm and cozy. And of course she couldn't help but show off her new pink rhinestone bling hanging from her collar. Tonight our dogs are so thankful to Barbie and Ken....dra :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I feel like a worried Mother. Egypt has been here since she was 12 weeks old and is now an adult dog, unwanted, unadopted. Every day we hope that someone will see what we see in her. Though sensitive, she is sweet and gentle and gets along with a house full of cats. So as if not having a home of her own wasn't enough, she now has hip dysplasia. Though not common in this breed, she is a Pit mix which is probably why she ended up with this horrible condition. Today she went in for her surgery and though we know she's in good hands with our long time vet, we are still sad for her. She won't be home until tomorrow but for tonight will be probably wondering what's going on. But we do have all of our Facebook fans to thank for raising the funds to get this very expensive surgery done. Egypt is such a big part of our family. Now hopefully she'll become a part of someone else's and get a home of her very own.

Friday, November 5, 2010


So the move to Tehachapi is coming along. The beautiful forest and weather up there is something out of a dream. I never could've imagined that we would be so lucky as to find a place like this. It is truly a miracle that the dogs will now officially live in "paradise". But of course we also want to give our volunteers a beautiful place to hang out. So this is the area from our new place that we have picked to create the new volunteer area. When complete not only will the canopy of the 200 year old oak trees and tall pine surround everyone, but we will also have indoor seating complete with pot belly stoves keeping everyone toasty roasty in the winter months. Though this project will take a few months to complete, the new volunteer area will be one of the first that we construct. Our dogs can't live without our WONDERFUL and DEDICATED volunteers! So stay tuned here for all the updates on the big move to "T-town"!!!