Friday, November 5, 2010


So the move to Tehachapi is coming along. The beautiful forest and weather up there is something out of a dream. I never could've imagined that we would be so lucky as to find a place like this. It is truly a miracle that the dogs will now officially live in "paradise". But of course we also want to give our volunteers a beautiful place to hang out. So this is the area from our new place that we have picked to create the new volunteer area. When complete not only will the canopy of the 200 year old oak trees and tall pine surround everyone, but we will also have indoor seating complete with pot belly stoves keeping everyone toasty roasty in the winter months. Though this project will take a few months to complete, the new volunteer area will be one of the first that we construct. Our dogs can't live without our WONDERFUL and DEDICATED volunteers! So stay tuned here for all the updates on the big move to "T-town"!!!


  1. Congratulations Tia!! I'm glad to see that the rescue is continuing to thrive. We just saw the episode about AJ and hoped that you would muster the courage to soldier on through the heartbreak. We know your pain as our son was also sentenced to 15 years. Our dogs Harley, Claire, Diesel and Moses all say hi!! Gotta go the phone is ringing and it is my son from Centinella. What a coincidence. :)

  2. Hi Tia, I just saw the show for the first time, I love it!!!! My family has always raised rottweilers. We just recently adopted a pitbull for the first time last year- her name is Tootie.

    I wanted to know where you get your t-shirts. I saw the newest one on your blog but wanted to see if you had more, like the ones you wear on the show. Please let me know. I'd love to get some for my family.

    Thanks! Keep up the great work!


  3. Woo T-Town represent!! I must say I am so stoked that you guys are moving to Tehachapi. It's my hometown and I there isn't a place that I could think of that would be a better home for you all!

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  5. Tia, glad to have you in Kern County! I'm Rich with and know many people here in Bakersfield and California, now even around the world. I have a pitbull myself and have wanted to help the rescue, how do I get in contact and help?!