Friday, December 3, 2010


Well I'm on my way up to the big town of Bakersfield for yet another successful free spay/neuter event. We are so excited and feel so honored that the Heigl Foundation gave us a $50,000 grant to give out this fantastic service to the desperate Pit Bull owners of Kern County. Kern County is the 3rd largest county in the state of California and they have such a hard time out there with little to no resources for their dogs. Being that Pit Bulls make up the majority of the stray dog population, times are pretty damn rough for our breed out there. Our first event on Nov. 20th, got 37 Pit Bulls spayed and neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and licensed. Today we hope to break that record or at least come close. Anyone who wants to stop by and say "hi", we will be at River Walk Park on Stockdale Hwy, Bakersfield.


  1. I live in Bakersfield, how do we volenteer with you. Is there a sign up some where?

  2. Well Tia, just met you and Jake for the first time here in Bakersfield, it was awsome. All that you do for these dogs is great. I have been born and raised pits and love them very much. Plan on becoming a pit pal here soon. Any help you need feel free to ask, I am a jack of all trades and will help where needed. Again, great to meet you.

  3. Ahh, that's my husband's truck. It's wonderful what you are doing for the dogs out here. We are so thankful for the help with getting Betsy fixed. We both hope to volunteer at the new place once you guys are out here for good.

    -Kandice and Steven