Tuesday, December 14, 2010


It was a busy morning. We had (4) dogs come in (no more for awhile or at least until after we move) Cooper, a sweet and shy big boy, came all the way here from San Antonio, Texas. As we get to know him, stay tuned for his full profile on our Dogs for Adoption page.


  1. Oh my, what a handsome boy...

    I wish there was a reputable Pit Bull rescue in the DC Metro area. I'd spend a ton of time there.

  2. Cooper is stunnng. I am also from the metro DC area and the closest pit bull rescues are about an hour away. Its such a shame but for whoever posted above the Montgomery County Humane Society has LOTS of pits and needs LOTS of help!

    -- Sarah and Blackie

  3. Wow, after just reading about Darla's passing, I am struck by how much Cooper resembles her! I only wish that I lived close enough to volunteer at the ranch...my thoughts and prayers are always with you and the incredible work that you do. God bless!

  4. I so watched this episode on tv and seen u all get cooper he is a gorgeous dog I my self am a pitbull lover and owner and I love what u are doing I see pitbuls judged everyday I am actually stuck ein a bad position I actually had a baby 4 months ago and lost my job now I have saved up all this money 3000 to get a place and I can't find a place cause nowhere will except pitbulls and seeing as I have 2 of them and a boyfriend that just got off parole life is hard but its people like u that remind me that there are people out here that don't judge a book by its cove