Thursday, March 4, 2010


So the dog that came here as the most physically and emotionally abused, finally got a loving home of his own. It took over a year to gain his trust back, but now Trejo lives with Sharon and her son and their 3 cats. We feel so fortunate to have found a family like this who was willing to give him the patience he needed to continue his journey to rehabilitation. And of course Trejo owes his life, to Danny and Debbie Trejo for jumping in to take him from the bad guys. He is honored to carry your name.

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  1. I met Trejo today! I am a demo rep for a pet food company and during my shift today, Sharon came in to get Trejo a new crate. What an amazing job you all did with this dog. He is the sweetest soul. If Sharon had not told me his story, I would never have guessed he was abused in his past. He let me love on him and was just as sweet and friendly as a dog can be. I thank you for your amazing work - all dogs deserve this kind of chance and this kind of loving home. We can change it one dog at a time!