Saturday, March 13, 2010


Starting in April Louise Crane, who has been training pit bulls with us for the past 7 years will be doing in home behavior and training sessions in the Los Angeles area.

Louise specializes in all the 'pitbull' issues from dog aggression to crate training, to puppy rearing, managing a multi pitbull household, fear issues, aggression issues etc.

To make an appointment please email

Rate - $150/hr includes pre appointment telephone interview & post appointment telephone follow up.


  1. would love to help and I do love pittbulls but I can not hear on the phone as I am deaf . keep up the good work .

  2. Well Susan, I'm Deaf too and that's no excuse. If you have a VRS or TTY (and most Deafies do)then people can use the relay service to call you. Don't ever let deafness stop you from doing something! Remember, we can do anything a hearing person can, except hear!

    Tia, I think this is a great service from Louise and I sure wished I lived in or near LA because I believe you can never have too many tips or knowledge about having a pit bull as a family member!

  3. I have only have positive and amazing things to say about Louise. She saved

    When my husband and I got married we decided to get two pit bull puppies
    from the shelter. We thought if we got them as puppies they would grow up
    together and love one another. Everything was fine until our female "Lucy"
    reached about 16 months old. She would just start getting into fights with
    poor "Ricky". Sometimes over bones or toys sometimes for no reason at all. I
    didn't know what to do! I knew I couldn't get rid of poor Lucy she and Ricky
    had become like our children. I looked into trying to find a trainer or
    someone who could help me. After meeting with a couple of trainers whom I
    felt their methods were too rough and in some ways cruel I was referred to
    Louise through Villalobos Rescue.

    I can't tell you how much she saved me! She taught us so many things we now
    use the crate and rotate method with our dogs. She also helped with our dogs
    completely annoying habits such as pulling during walks and jumping on
    people when they walk in the door. But most of all she helped us to keep our
    little girl. I didn't think it would be possible for us to keep her! And now
    we can all safely walk together and we can still feel like a family and keep
    our baby Lucy.

    Thank you so much Louise!

    Tania & Jim Sheftfield