Monday, March 8, 2010


We went to the Downey Shelter needing to find a 'double' for one of our movie dogs but when we got there the dog we went to see was not right for the job. But the shelter staff begged and pleaded for us to come see this other dog they had had for months that had stolen their hearts.

Now, normally blue dogs are not our first choice as we find their temperament is not as solid as the regular pit bulls (as they are mostly bred for looks rather than temperament) but we went to see her anyway. Diamond was so happy, friendly and comfortable in the chaos of the shelter and pretty amazing looking too. So we took a chance and bailed her out.

We had Diamond for about six months before we found her a home but unfortunately her new owners had a family crisis and could not keep her. So she was returned (luckily she had previously been fostered by one of our trainers Louise so she went back to stay with her until a new home could be found)

Luckily for Diamond (and Louise) the most amazing family came along from North Carolina, the Starks. They are an active family with four kids who skateboard, ride motocross and compete in BMX bike competitions.

Because of all the variables in this home, including a daughter in a wheelchair, we began to test her here with all of the above. Upon her first try, she did amazing! We knew this was going to be a great match. She had finally found her perfect home and now all we had to do was get her there.

Please check out this video of her journey to her happy new home.

The perfect dog has now found her perfect family.


  1. That is so Awsome.. I loved the Video, the story and seeing Diamond with her kids, so inspiring, she is a great ambassordor to the breed, you all do such a wonderful job.. Thank you for all you do with the pitbull breed...

  2. That was truly beautiful. Way to go North Carolina. It's wonderful to see people that truly care about animals that get such a bad rap.

  3. This made my mom's eyes all leaky. We are both Most Happy that Diamond found her Most Perfect Home That Ever Was!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. Awwwww, what a great story...Diamond looks so happy :)
    Thank you for saving another dog!

    Christine & Meggie

  5. Awwwww yay!!!!!!! This video and story made our mommy cry but we know they're happy tears because she loves Pit Bulls so much and we're all super happy to see that another great perfect dog had a perfect trip to their new perfect family and forever home!!!

    We ruv you Tia and the Starks!
    Ambrosia, SoCo, and Mom

  6. so glad to see that this wonderful family opened their hearts and home to give this beautiful dog a good home;so glad to see that people can see past the stereotypes! these are loving loyal dogs :D

  7. I wish all dogs had happy endings like this one